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Influencing the Beliefs and Behaviors of Tech-Savvy Teens

In these videos, Dr. Kathy Koch presents eye-opening insights to help you connect with your teen in a whole new way. Designed to be watched prior to reading each chapter of Screens and Teens: Connecting with Our Kids in a Wireless World (Moody Publishers, 2015), they will help you to engage the book on a deeper level.

There are several ways which you can use the video sessions. Here are a few:

  • Workshop or Enrichment — Are you a marriage and family pastor? Use the sessions to structure an event for parents of teenagers, strengthening the families in your church and even providing an opportunity for outreach.
  • Group Study – Use each session video to kick off lively discussion with groups of parents who gather in your home or a church setting, perhaps using the questions in the back of the book as a guide.
  • Family Study — Dr. Kathy’s teachings are also designed to share with children. Try gathering your preteens and teens on your couch and letting Dr. Kathy bring up what you’ve been wanting to discuss. This will create an optimal opportunity to engage in otherwise sensitive dialogue.
  • Personal Study — Watch Dr. Kathy’s teaching segments by yourself before you read the chapters, allowing her energy and wisdom to inspire you.

Get this powerful 9-session video download (valued at $20) for FREE with the password featured in your copy of Screens and Teens!


This presentation was recorded in front of a live audience at Stonegate Fellowship (Midland, TX).

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  • Screens and Teens video presentation
  • Screens and Teens video presentation